If you've hit the Update button on your fundraising page expecting to be able to manually add whatever you're counting (e.g. miles or steps) and there's no update box for you to add or subtract a number, here's what to do!

It's likely that the app block on your fundraising page isn't set up to allow for manual tracking, so we need to tick the right box here! Please note that you need to be on a laptop or desktop PC to do this next bit!

1) While logged in to GivePenny, head to your fundraising page and hit the Customise button.

2) Save through the next page (where you can change the name and dates of your challenge).

3) Hit the Advanced button at the top of the next page.

4) You're now behind the scenes of your fundraising page. Scroll down until you see the app block in question (e.g. Strava, Fitbit) and tick the box next to where is says "Track manual activities". 

5) Hit Save and Publish - you're done! 

6) From your fundraising page, hit the Update button and now you can manually add or subtract whatever you're tracking :-)