So, let's say you've launched your fundraising page and it looks...... "fine". The thing is, if you think it's only "fine", then so will your friends and family - let's help you spruce things up a bit using our magic Template Editor. You can add lots of special blocks to your fundraising page to make it easier to inspire your friends and family to make donations to your challenge! Heres how:

Inside the Template Editor (from desktop PC, mac or laptop only - not available on mobile)

  1. While logged in at, head to your fundraising page. Hit the Customise button at the top.
  2. Hit Save & Continue on the next page when you're ready.
  3. Once you arrive on the preview of your fundraising page, hit the Advanced button at the top!
  4. You're now behind the scenes of your fundraising page and you're the director on set... it's time to let out your inner Steven Spielberg! Our cool template editor is super simple to use – click, drag and drop! That’s all there is to it.
  5. On the left column you’ll see Available Blocks. This is all the important information; Fundraising Total, the image you just uploaded, blocks that connect to your favourite apps (Twitch, Strava, Fitbit, Runkeeper, YouTube, etc), Fundraising Target etc. You can drag and drop these into your columns, and reorder them up and down, left and right… whatever floats your boat!
  6. You can also edit the content in any of these boxes. So this is a great opportunity to inspire people with your charity’s story, and all the important work you do.
  7. Once you’re happy with the results, hit Save (or Save and Publish if you’re ready to launch your challenge right away!) in the top right corner.
  8. And you’re done- all ready to inspire your nearest and dearest to help you raise more money for your favourite charity! Congrats!
  9. If the block you've added happens to be one of our super-awesome app blocks (like Spotify, Strava or Twitch), remember to connect that app to your GivePenny profile, so we can make the magic happen!