What is a Milestone Goal?

Vanessa Carlton would walk a thousand miles. The Proclaimers would walk 500 miles and then 500 more. Alright – that’s actually the same amount, but the point is that setting yourself goals and shouting about them gets you chart-topping success. 

That’s kind of the deal with our Milestone goals too! Say you’ll walk a thousand miles for charity, and your donors don’t cough up the cash until you do; now you can split your goals into 500 mile increments like a Proclaimer. It’s a way for you to break your goals down into smaller chunks, and keep your Donors updated with your progress. 

How to Add Milestones

You'll find our Milestone System on your Fundraising Challenge page. Simply set up your Fundraising Challenge as normal (Dashboard - "Create Challenge" - follow the steps, give it a cool name etc. You know the drill.) By default, if you haven't customised your page layout, Milestones sit just below your Fundraising Story.

Click that orange “Update Milestones” button and you’ll be magically transported to the wondrous world of Milestones. Drink it in. 

This is where you’ll find everything you’ll need to enjoy our Milestones feature. It’s all pretty self-explanatory, but we’re gonna go ahead and explain it anyway. (We need to keep our content writer occupied.)

  • You’ll begin with a default Milestone with explainer text. Update it with your own information.
  • Milestone Title: Go simple, eg. “Stream for 5 hours” or get more creative – survive the storm in Fortnite or be the last girl standing!
  • Description: Tell the world about your Milestone challenge! You can keep it short and sweet, or get more chatty. What does achieving this goal mean to you?
  • Click “Update milestone” and enjoy that satisfying tick animation (props to the GivePenny Dev Team!)
  • Now you can “Add New Milestone” at the bottom of the left column, or hit”Back to your Challenge” to return to your Fundraising Challenge Page.

Ta-daaa! Check out your freshly created Milestones

It’s live! Your friends, family and followers can now hit the handy little “Pledge” button to offer you donations on the completion of your goals. Simple!

Once you’ve completed a Milestone, simply tap the “Update Milestones” button and select “Complete”. Your Fundraising Challenge Page will be updated with pleasant splashes of green, and anyone who’s pledged a donation will be treated to a GivePenny email letting them know it’s time to cough up the cash.

There you go! GivePenny Milestones explained, and a quick tour of our shiny new Milestone editor. We’re pretty proud of it.

Want to give it a whirl? Take yourself over to your GivePenny Dashboard. We can’t wait to see the cool new ways you use this feature!