Hey! Welcome to GivePenny Team Fundraising! We hear you’ve decided to raise money for a great cause, with the help of friends, family and co-workers. You hero, you!

You’re the Fundraising foreman. The chief. The leader. The captain of the ship. With great power comes great responsibility, but you’re up to the challenge, aren’t you? We can see it in your eyes. We know you’re eager to start raising funds and saving the world, so let us give you the lowdown on how to get started so you can crack on!

You have to publish your Challenge page before you add team members. Them's the rules.

  • Once you reach the "Congratulations!" page letting you know your Challenge Page is live, you can scroll down the page a bit, and you'll see "Create your own Fun-raising Team". Alternatively, you can also go via the "Update" button (at the top of your published challenge, and only visible to you) and scroll down to the "Team" section.

  • Invite fellow good humans to join your Fundraising Team by adding their first name and email address to the fields below. This will send an email to your potential team member, inviting them to join your Fundraising Team.

    • Penny Tip: Check the spelling. Check the spelling! ChECk thE SpelLiNg!! Typos love to turn up in other peoples’ email addresses, and foil your fundraising plans.

You’ve got a handy Team Member table to help you keep track of everyone you’ve invited to your team. The Status column will keep you updated:

Accepted - They’ve accepted your invitation and are member of your team! Whoop!

Invite Sent - Your invitation has been sent but not yet responded to.

Rejected – They rejected your invitation. Their loss.

User Left – They just left the whole GivePenny platform and deleted their account. We won’t take it personally.

Removed – Either you or themselves removed them from your team. If this was a mistake, don’t worry, you can re-add them.

Your Fundraising Team are assembled! Strike a heroic pose!

More things you can do as Fundraising Team Captain

Your page team is ready, but the challenge has only just begun! There are a couple of buttons at the top of the page you should be aware of.

Customise – This returns you to your page building options. You can edit your work, update and change it as much as you like

Update – As head honcho, it’s your job to keep your page updated. You can add more team members, mark Milestones as completed, and manually add (or remove, if you make a mistake!) any steps your team have counted without one of our connected apps. Has your Nan sponsored you by giving £1.50 in an envelope? No worries! You can add any offline donations received here, too.

Share - The very best way to get donations is to your Team Fundraising page is to share it far and wide. You don’t have to sign up with GivePenny to make a donation, so it only takes a few seconds for your friends and family to show some support. Email your page to your mum, WhatsApp it, Facebook it to your mates, Tweet it to your followers!

You can share straight from your page at any time- hit the handy Tweet, Facebook, Email etc. buttons and make use of the handy pop-up window. You don’t even need to leave your page!

  • Penny Tip: One of the best ways to share your page is through WhatsApp groups. Your posts on Twitter and Facebook can easily get lost in all the noise, or get bumped to the bottom of the feed thanks to all the weird algorithms. WhatsApp gets your post right up in your friends’ screens!

Close – Like it says on the tin - only hit this button if you want to close your page down! You won’t need this because you’re not a quitter.

An important extra note: As Fundraising Team Captain, you're the only person with full access to edit your Challenge Page. Perks of the job! 

You have full creative control over your page content.  If your Team Members use an offline step tracker, or another app we don’t connect to yet, you’ll need to add their steps to the page manually for them. You can do this  under the “Update” tab in your page.

That’s it! You’re all set up. It’s time to be a fundraising hero!

On your marks

Get set

…What are you waiting for?