You know what's even better than raising money for charity? Raising money for charity as a team!

You don't need to go it alone - assemble your very own team of Fundraising Avengers (super hero secret identities are optional but appreciated).

Your Fundraising Team can be comprised of anybody you like; your friends, your family, your co-workers... As long as they're grown-up consenting humans, they can help you smash your fundraising goals. 

You can connect all of your apps and counters to one easily shareable Team Fundraising Page. It's just like our regular Challenge Pages, but you it shows your whole team's progress; view your goals and achievements, see how much money you've raised together and cheer each other on.

Got a competitive streak? Why not go head-to-head with another Fundraising Team? DC vs. Marvel. Good vs. Evil. Accounting vs. HR Department.

Just agree on a challenge (eg. counting steps), create your Team Fundraising Pages and see who can raise the most money for charity! 

Band together with your mates to save the environment, Fundraise with your family in memory of a loved one, or compete with your workmates to fight homelessness. We have tons of great charities to raise money for, so let's make Fundraising fun!