Fancy setting up your own custom Challenge? Check you out! We can help you set it up in just a few easy steps.

To get to your Challenges, start at the Fundraising tab in your charity dashboard (or just click on over here) and select Challenges. This is where you’ll see all your current Challenges, and create a new custom Challenge by clicking that big orange button.

Set up your Challenge

First things first – name your Challenge! We usually recommend you keep this really basic and simple, like “Walk 10,000 Steps Every Day” and keep the ‘Copy Name to Challenges’ button set to ‘No’. This way your Challenge name acts as an instruction for potential Fundraisers, and  they can rename it to something more personal themselves.

But you’re welcome to dream up a more snappy name if you prefer. We won’t cramp your style.


Make your challenge page pretty! The square image needs to be 250x250 pixels, just select “Choose File” to upload a pic from your ‘puter.

The Challenge Default Banner will be the default banner for the pages of all the Fundraisers who choose to attempt your Challenge – so pick something good! You can click the box to open a file window, or just drag and drop an image in, if that’s your jam.

The banner image will be 1170 x 300 pixels, so pick a larger image size to avoid it looking rubbish. Generally, wide landscape images will work the best, but don’t worry if your image isn’t those exact dimensions - you can click the button that looks like a pencil to edit your image. Position where you’d like the image to be cropped, and click “Confirm” to save.

Challenge Template

We give you full creative control of the layout and look of your Challenge pages with the use of customisable template system! It’s pretty nifty, though we do say so ourselves.

Start by choosing whether you’d like your template to have 1 Column, 2 Columns or 3 Columns by selecting from the drop-down menu, then click the “Save and Create Template” button to be transported into our template editor.

Inside the Template Editor

Our cool template editor is super simple to use – click, drag and drop! That’s all there is to it.

On the left column you’ll see Available Blocks. This is all the important information; Fundraising Total, the image you just uploaded, Fundraising Target etc. You can drag and drop these into your columns, and reorder them up and down, left and right… whatever floats your boat!

You can also edit the content in any of these boxes. So this is a great opportunity to inspire people with your charity’s story, and all the important work you do.

Once you’re happy with the results, hit Save (or Save and Publish if you’re ready to launch your challenge right away!) in the top right corner.

And you’re done- all ready to inspire a whole world of Fundraisers and raise more money for your charity! Congrats!