The coolest thing about GivePenny is our sweet dance moves. The second coolest is all the fun and varied ways we give you to raise funds for your charity.

Challenges are the basic, easy-access way for people to raise money for your cause. They’re fundraising ideas (like cycling, running, gaming etc.) magically converted into ready-made Challenge templates for your Fundraisers to use. It means your Fundraisers can get stuck in and start raising money for your charity right away. No fuss no muss.

All charities start up with a standard set of fundraising challenge templates ready to use, and we’ve got an easy to use drag-and-drop editor if you want to get more creative. We’ve got a full Challenge creation guide here.

Campaigns are essentially a hub for a specific fundraising challenge. They come in three delicious flavours, and which type you’ll use will depend upon your specific goals.

  • Events take place over a given time period. It could be a one-off activity like a marathon, or a month of livestreaming games. If you’re planning a big event, you can give it a serious boost from our Powered by GivePenny services for charities. Read our full guide to setting up an Event here.
  • Appeals are a special appeal you’re running to achieve a specific goal, but don’t have a set end date. Perhaps you want to build a new wing for your hospice, or buy new equipment for a hospital ward. If you have a big goal, setting up an appeal can help you!
  • Direct Donate Appeals is a special type of campaign hub that allows people to add to your page in the form of one-off donations. This includes both Tribute Appeals and Creative Appeals, but the general function is that your Donors add a photo and text to your page in exchange for a donation.

We hope that clears things up a bit! But if you’re still not sure which fundraising method to use, we’re always happy to advise. Just call 0121 271 0303 to speak to one of our very own GivePenny office humans, or shoot an email over to