If you’re a charity waiting for your GivePenny account to be approved – congratulations! You’ve just taken your first step into revolutionizing your fundraising strategy! We’re pleased as punch to have you on board.

You can start playing with your charity profile right away. Simply click this link to get busy customizing your profile, or go to our guide to getting the most out of your profile.

For now, you’re the only one who can see the changes you make to your profile page. Your account needs to be approved before your profile will be made live on our site. All charity accounts are approved by a real human right here at GivePenny HQ, which is usually by 10am the next working day… or sooner!

Once your account is approved, we’ll give you a call to introduce ourselves and see if you need any help setting up. Then your very own charity page will be published on the GivePenny website, ready to go!

Got any questions? You don’t need to wait for us to call you! Call us for a chat on 0121 271 0303 or drop an email to CharitySupport@GivePenny.com